Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YouTube Time Capsule!

And this is why I am not a video blogger!
Oh, how I wish that the second take made on my lap top worked! This version doesn't seem to get out of sync, but it sounds like I have a lisp, which I don't. My voice sounds higher than it is (or so it seems). I will never make another video on my regular camera again... I'd rather have the lack of synchronization....

I also say "um" and "I don't know" a lot in this video... makes me want to give it a fifth take... but I won't. I'll just wait until the next opportunity to make a video and redeem myself!

In case you did not catch this before, I was watching Charlie McDonnell's video 'Dear Future Charlie' and I got inspired to make my own. You can watch his video below...

Charlie's video is so much better. That's why he's a video blogger!


P.S. Is it too fan girl-like that I'm really excited that my picture is on the same blog as the amazing Charlie McDonnell? God that sounds so creepy... I'm not a stalker!

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