Monday, August 30, 2010

It's the First Day

Hey guys...

Today was my first day of school. I can now officially say that I am a junior in high school! That's exciting! I'll just walk through all of my hours leaving brief comments here and there...

First hour was French 3. I thought I retained a decent amount of my French, but I felt really stupid when it came to actually speaking out loud in that different language. I wasn't the only one that forgot. I took pride in trying, because some people didn't even do that.

Second hour was Wind Ensemble. I'm really excited for this class. We actually get to start playing music tomorrow! The one thing I wasn't happy about was finding out the first day that I have to play in a concert in a month. Yeah. And then about five or six more after that.

Third hour is Government/Econ. I really don't have anything to say about this because we did absolutely nothing. Just that lame "get to know everyone" activity that the teachers seem to like to do...

Fourth hour is Precalculus. My teacher seems nice. She talks about her husband, one of the history teachers, a bit, but when you're married and everyone at school is at least familiar with the guy, I guess sometimes you can't help it. We were going over linear equations and logic today... boring... I've done linear equations, they're the easiest ones out there... and my logic is totally shot when it comes to math.

I have lunch next. I was glad that I had lunch with my friend Avery, because I wouldn't have a class with her otherwise. I was sad that my friend's Rosemary and Jack weren't there though... I assume they have first lunch. That sucks, because I don't have any classes with them either.

Next is Honors Physics. The teacher seems nice. We went through introductions, went over the rules... basically there was a lot of talking, but apparently there are going to be a lot of labs, which is exciting. He was talking about throwing eggs out the window and riding on skateboards.

Finally, AP English Literature and Composition. I am happy to say that I will mainly be working with fiction! I like fiction a lot! But when I got in the classroom, what do I see on the chalkboard? "Summer Homework." Oh. Crap.

Cue the rant!

No one ever told me I had summer homework! I was aware of the other AP English classes, but not mine! I'm one of the people I used to make fun of because they came to school without their summer homework and they had three months to do it! I read nothing on Facebook, heard nothing from anyone... Now I've lost a little respect for my teacher because now I still have to do the summer homework, but I have a week and I get half credit for all of that. Uuurgg.... I thought that was going to be my best class too... what was I thinking? Of course AP classes have summer homework! What was I thinking!!!? I don't understand what happened... I blame the counselors. I can't blame my last English teacher because he was a reserve teacher and is now in China teaching AP English. The original teacher was fired, and believe me, my new teacher had a bit to say about him...

I can't give you an idea of how I'm feeling about tomorrow... school is a mixed bag right now...

I'm off to go write about John Green and 'Looking for Alaska' for my summer homework (she changed it up a little to make the assignment easier, which I am grateful for).

Have a good day everyone.


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