Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dia de los Muertos

So I was rooting around on DeviantArt (my favorite art website) and I found this really cool picture created by the user KidNotorious. He has a very comic book-like style and I’ve added a few of his creations as favorites because of that. Any way, the picture that I found was called ‘Muerte’ which I believe means ‘death’ in Spanish. This led me to think about ‘Dia de los Muertos.’

This holiday is very close to Halloween (it’s either the day before, All Hallows Eve, or the day after, All Saints Day—or something of that nature). I’ve decided something. I want to go to Mexico. The week of that holiday, I want to go. I’ll add this to my bucket list (there’s a tab above that you can click on if you want).

I have never traveled anywhere outside of the U.S. By the time I finish going to Australia and several countries in Europe, I’m sure I’ll want to find another place to visit. So why not?

If I go, it’ll give me an excuse to re-learn enough Spanish to get me by and I’ll get to see a new country. I am so psyched for traveling! Let me tell you, there’s going to be quite a bit of it in my future!

I just thought I would make this update, because the last entry probably wasn’t that exciting to read. Now, perhaps I can get you a little excited with me (whoever you may be).



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