Thursday, August 5, 2010

Movie Time! 'Secret Window'

You could call this research, I guess…

Let’s go back to 2004—the year this movie came out. Let me quote the description that was on the Netflix movie sleeve:

“Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp), a writer just emerging from a painful divorce with his wife (Maria Bello as ‘Amy’), is stalked at his remote lake house by a psychotic stranger and would-be scribe (John Turturro) who claims Rainey swiped his best story idea. But as Rainey endeavors to prove his innocence, he begins to question his own sanity. Charles S. Dutton and Timothy Hutton co-star in this suspenseful drama based on a Stephen King novella.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I love Johnny Depp as an actor, which was what led me to request it. I didn’t know anything about this movie beforehand other than the preview looked good. So I was delighted to find out that this was based on something written by Stephen King. I’ve never read a novel of his, but now I just might. It might just be a book review to look forward to!

I liked this movie because it kept me thinking; everything I thought a certain thing would happen, the plot would take a turn and throw something new at me… most of the time it was something I wasn’t even remotely anticipating.

Towards the end of the movie, my computer decided that it no longer wanted me to watch movies. I was outraged! That simply wasn’t cool at all! This is another sign of a very good movie. If you’re not upset that it ended, it might just be a sign.

You really needed an actor of Johnny Depp’s caliber. For one thing, Rainey actually was a little insane. If you’ve seen the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movies, you’ll know that he’s had a bit of practice. But he can also play some serious parts, and Rainey was serious (or rather, scared). Depp is one talented guy, that’s for sure.

This film is rated PG-13 for language, some sexual content (it passes very quickly and they don’t show anything) and… I believe violence. Believe me, there is plenty of weapons and blood to go ‘round.

Overall, this was an excellent film. If you haven’t seen it in the six years that is has been out like I did, I highly recommend that you borrow it from someone/somewhere.

In other news, I am almost done with my Architecture class, so you can certainly expect pictures (of the plans, of the finished model and maybe even the almost finished model). There should be an entry if not by Friday, then by Monday or Tuesday, definitely.

I have also rented ‘Sweeney Todd,’ so there will be a review on that as well. I’m very excited for this, actually!

I’m really sorry it has taken so long to put chapter three up. I will be working on it over the weekend and I hope to have it up sometime next week so I can continue on to chapter four.

As for ‘Mirror, Mirror,’ I am seriously still reading it! It has been forever! I have a stack of books I have already read ready to review, but that’s more work… I’ll give them to you as I have them.

Thanks for reading!

--Jude Rosenberg

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