Sunday, August 15, 2010

As a Consolation...

I have not posted chapter four yet. I'm really sorry... but! I have something that may or may not make up for it! Below, you will see a picture that I drew of Mary and Hugo's house. You can make it bigger and perform a good inspection by clicking right on the picture. I would also like to know your thoughts. So leave comments, if you please!
I was trying to digitally render something like this on the computer using Google Sketch-Up (it's a free download if you're curious and really want to try it!). Long story short, it's still in progress and not even close to completion. So last night while my undiagnosed insomnia kept me up, I found a pencil and I went to work. I did the very crappy inking job this afternoon.

Also, I may have found a last name for this family. I was making name tags for VBS (Vacation Bible School) and I came across this little girl's name. I love her name so much, I could cry. But I won't instead, I'll tell you the last name that I fell in love with: VanRossum. It's not the most common name around, but I love the elegance of it. Then I was putting Hugo and Mary's name in front of it and I felt that it worked quite well, considering they have pretty old-fashioned names (well, Mary does. I'm not totally sure about Hugo...).

Today, I applied to work at Target. There was a questionnaire at the end of the application and some of the questions and answers were quite amusing. My favorite: "What is your work station usually like? 1. Very Clean 2. Messy, but I can find everything! 3. Very messy. I put in bold my answer :D So, we'll see what becomes of this possible job. I really hope I get it. I'm tired of filling out applications... stupid economy... Oh well. I shouldn't complain. It's a necessary evil no matter where you go.

Thanks for reading!

--Jude Rosenberg

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