Monday, August 23, 2010

J.R. and Ezra Zee Pull an All-Nighter!

Kinda-sorta... we stayed up well past our bedtime any way.
We did arts and crafts in my back yard (painting, photos, coloring, etc.)
My picture
Ezra drawing her super-cool ribbon-tube things (I'm not sure of the official scientific name of them, but they're really cool to look at!).
Experimental photography. I wish I had moved the focus point down a little, but otherwise I like this one very much. I should have moved the marker too. It looks stupid amongst the crayons...
I attempted the ribbon-tubes too (I didn't do as well as Ezra).
More experimental photography. It's of the chandelier that dangles above the table we were working at.

After all of this fun during the day, we made a blanket nest so Ezra could sleep and then watched 'Clueless' (one of the coolest movies ever!) because I hadn't seen it and Ezra was a little upset about that. Now she's not mad at me about 'Clueless,' but now because I haven't seen 'Valley Girl' and '10 Things I Hate About You' among other movies :D

I will watch those movies sometime!



  1. ahaha i call them snakes :)
    it is one of the coolest movies ever!!!
    and you do have to watch them!!!
    oh, btw i found ur blog url... :)

  2. I should do a movie time thing on 'Clueless.' I think I'll rent it on Netflix sometime and watch it again and not on my laptop in the dead of night. At least the T.V. doesn't think it's very funny to stop playing the movie right when it gets to the good part!

    Thank you for finding my blog url! I was happy to see that you commented! I love comments! It's like getting a letter in the mail :D


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