Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This is just in case you were wondering what the horror novel characters looked like!
This is Hugo. This picture took a couple hours to draw and ink. He's still very disproportional (but I guess that's my style). I have never been good at drawing guys. So here's my attempt! I based his jacket off of a picture that my friend Rosemary drew for my birthday several years ago. To me, he looks like a cross between Gerard Way and Harry Potter...
This is Mary. I was initially going to draw her with a phone in her hand, but it was really late when I started drawing this and I didn't really want to get too technical. Especially at that hour. So she looks very simplistic-- compared to Hugo, she's bare bones because I didn't use any color or shading, really. And her hair didn't show up like I thought it would. So I bet you can tell which drawing I am more proud of :)

This will be a multiple post day, so stay tuned for another one!


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