Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gone Hunting

... but not hunting in the sense that I think you're thinking of! No...
Recently, we've had a mass of creatures come storming through the city. Mice is one of them, but I still haven't seen a wild mouse up close (I'm such a city kid...). The other ones are frogs and toads. Like this one:
Sure, he might look a little grumpy, but how interesting are these guys?
Just look at the coloring and patterns. He (she?) is a hopping art project! Come on, I'm guessing you have more than a kindergärtner's vocabulary when it comes to color. Put on your Art Teacher Goggles and look at the different shades.

I really love these guys to death. They blend in so well that finding them can sometimes be a challenge. So I'll go out there with my headlight and hunt for the little buggers in the dark! It's a lot of fun! There's still some summer left, so why don't you give it a try sometime?


  1. What an interesting view (the back I mean) I've always thought they were quite ugly, but if you dare to get that close, the patterns are so unique. God has quite a paintbrush, huh?


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