Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Hello There!

I noticed that I have five viewers now! There's more people looking at this! Hello everyone! Thank you for pressing the "follow" button! And hello to the rest of you who are following anonymously! Thank you for your support as well!

This will be a short and simple post.

Today, I went and visited my grandma. I told her about 'The Boy With the Striped Pajamas' and we talked about the general attitude of World War II. It was very interesting!

We also talked about Mermaid Syndrome after watching a video from the 1920's where a performer could turn her legs 360 degrees around. It was pretty ridiculous. I cringed as I watched. Mermaid Syndrome is when someone is born with everything from their hips to their ankles fused together. Like a mermaid. Here's a video that I have watched that I found very interesting. The creators of this video don't want people to put this all over the place, so by clicking on the word "video" you'll be taken to the YouTube page. Tiffany, the girl in the video, is very amazing.

Now I'll let you go with something a little lighter... I hope you like Harry Potter!

Check out RockstarRaquel's other work too! She's so sweet!

Have a great week!



  1. Hello!!!
    Quick question... you know how below the title of your blog you have the different things like "music" and "horror novel" and stuff?? could you tell me how you did that??? i cant figure it out :/
    Thanks!! :)
    -Ezi :)

  2. That's an easy one!
    When you look at your blog and you're all logged on and everything, up in the upper right hand corner, there are links to your design page and the page where you post a new entry. Pick on of those, then when you get there, click on posting (new post will take you right there). One of the sub options is called 'Edit Pages.' You want that one, so click it. There will be a new tab that says 'Create a Page.' You'll be led to a new page that looks like a new post, but it'll be your new page! You can then put anything you want!
    Do you know how to put a music player on yours?

  3. yeah. to put on music dont u just make a playlist then click "embed" and put it on the new page?


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