Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chalk City!

These are pictures I took of some of the chalk drawing that were done in honor of the August 2010 Block Party. Everyone was asked to make a chalk drawing of their favorite place(s) around the neighborhood.
Everyone got to write their name on a slip of paper and then we had a drawing for prizes that were donated by various local business. I came away with $30 towards flowers. I'm very excited!
The Parkway is a small movie theater in my neighborhood. I've only been there once, maybe twice. It's like a regular movie theater (but older) in the back, but when you get to the front of one of the movie screens, there are couches that you are more than welcome to sit on. Again, this is mine, but it's still not on the bottom.
The Cottage House is an antique shop that I love going in. It's really different. It's only open for one weekend a month. For the rest of the month, they go out to auctions, garage sales, etc. They also paint the entire house differently. Every month. They've even joked that it's probably the paint holding the entire place up. This is actually my chalk drawing (I meant to put it on the bottom, but I'm not skilled with not embedding multiple pictures in a single post).
Turtle bread is actually a bread place. You can also get lunch there. It's really good! I'm working on filling out an application to work there.
I'm not entirely sure what 'Al Vento' is. A restaurant, from the looks of it. Minnehaha Falls in a place not far from where I live. It's a park that surrounds the falls (very beautiful). If you're not really into the whole park thing, you can head down two staircases and you will have to go across a bridge and then there's a trail where you can start hiking. It's really nice. There's a beach at the end of the trail if you're brave enough to go on, but I don't recommend swimming in the water...
I like this one very much. It's a great example of an awesome Minnesota summer!
I will create other posts because there are other pictures from the Block Party, but they're not related to chalk drawings. So wait to hear from me very soon!
--Jude Rosenberg

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