Friday, November 12, 2010

Confessions of a NaNoNite: Day 11 and 12

How are you feeling today?
  • I'm fine. I'm in that in-between stage where I'm tired, but I'm not tired. It's very surreal...
Now that we're almost two weeks into this whole shindig, what do you think about it?
  • It's starting to become a part of my life. Like, I think that I'll do this even after NaNoWriMo is done, just without the stressful setting.
Do you have something to say that's not related to NaNoWriMo?
  • I do indeed! Thank you to all you blog-hoppers out there for stopping by my blog! For those of you that left comments, I have read them and they have made me smile. Unfortunately, I was a bit preoccupied for a couple hours that took me away from the computer and I was not able to answer everyone as they commented. I tried to visit everyone at their own blogs, so I will try my best to acknowledge you on your own Blog-Hop post. I will definitely get better at this as time goes on!
  • I had a concert to perform in tonight! From what I heard, a majority of the group thought we did excellent. Sure, there were a few mistakes here and there, but if you're in the audience and you don't know the music, you would probably never know about some of the things that went down.
Do you have a word update for us?
  • Sorry to get your hopes up... I have written more, but it's not typed. I'm rather tired right now, so I'm going to wrap this up and go crawl into bed with a good book, my notebook, and a pencil (you know, just in case). I will be sure to give you a percentage and word count tomorrow though! Hurray for Saturdays!
Thanks for reading!


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