Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Review of 'Margarettown' by Gabrielle Zevin

It could be about anyone—you, your parents, your best friends. But it’s not. It’s about a woman called Margaret Towne, and a man who falls deeply in love with her. What he doesn’t know is that loving Maggie means loving many women at once. After a brief and intense courtship, the two young lovers set off to meet Maggie’s family: Old Margaret, Marge, Mia, and May—five women of different ages, all living together in a house called Margaron, in a place called Margarettown. Part fable, part memoir, part journey through the many world of one woman, Margarettown resonates with the wisdom and stylistic brilliance of a born writer.

Shelfari is an amazing tool for book-lovers. That’s where I find a lot of the books that I end up putting on my “To Be Read” list. After looking up ‘Gabrielle Zevin,’ I found this and then I reserved it at the library.

I enjoyed it while I read it. Some of it was hard to wrap my head around. From my understanding, this is primarily a love story. Sometimes it was cute and it made me smile, while other times, the story went in an aggravating direction (I won’t say how). What was amazing to me was how they treated each other after either N. (he’s never given a full name, just a letter) or Maggie did something that not many spouses would be pleased to hear about.

What was interesting was how Gabrielle Zevin portrayed the complexity of women. The many layers of Maggie are shown through her different ages and phases.

This is a really interesting read. Why don’t you go and check it out?

Thank for reading!


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