Saturday, November 6, 2010

Confessions of a NaNoNite: Day 6

How are you feeling today?
  • "Oh crap..."
What got in your way today?
  • I did. I don't want to blame YouTube, or cleaning my room, or that stupid mouse, or reading, or naps. I will blame me today.
How did you overcome it?
  • In case it wasn't apparent in the answer above, I did not overcome these things.
What are you going to do differently tomorrow?
  • Write. Seriously, I have it written on paper. It's mobile now. I'm bringing those pieces of paper with me wherever I go. I will write during every free moment that I have. I will write when no one is looking. I will write while simultaneously finishing my homework (this might become difficult when I have to pick up 'Heart of Darkness' for English.
Did you meet your word quota today?
  • Don't get me started... I will write 2,600 words tomorrow (yes! I made some kind of progress! It's just not a number that is brag-worthy...)
I found a song whilst procrastinating on iTunes! Here's the YouTube video!

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