Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Time! 'Dragonfly'

"Dr. Joe Darrow's (Kevin Costner) world is shattered when his wife (Susanna Thompson) is killed while performing medical relief work in Central America, and his patients-- after their own near-death experiences-- begin delivering messages to him from the great beyond. On a quest to determine what his lost soul mate wants, Darrow is forced to accept the impossible. Kathy Bates co-stars in this romantic thriller with a surprising twist."

Since it's snowing and everything, I figure I'll start my little hibernation with some media-- books and movies. That's why Netflix is so great!

The beginning of the movie was very intense. You see that the wife is in Central America (because just about everyone is speaking some dialect of Spanish).

One might think that this sounds like the Sixth Sense. It isn't like that at all. The kids that tell Joe Darrow what his wife is telling him have had near-death experiences, whereas, as far as we know, the little boy in the Sixth Sense does not. The little boy also sees dead people while he's fully awake and functional. The kids in 'Dragonfly' are in a coma or their heart has stopped temporarily.

The ending was beautiful. I definitely didn't see that one coming. Don't worry, no spoilers here!

There was one instance that really stood out as extremely unbelievable to me. There was one point where he jumped in a river in Venezuela to get to the bus where his wife met her doom. He gets his leg caught while inside as the bus lurches through the water. He's underwater for over two minutes, and he's still conscious, though he does see that famous white light. He lives even after his guide dives right in and pulls him out. He's lays out for an hour and he's completely all right again. He's okay enough to start running through the jungle once again.

Really? One would think that he would be brain dead after that long underwater... or at least have severe brain damage from lack of oxygen.

If you're in a critical mood, I don't recommend watching this movie, however, if you want a decent movie to watch on a Friday night, why don't you give this one a shot?

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  1. This sounds awesome! I'll totally check it out! :)


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