Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

Everyone else is doing it (or something like it). Plus, it's a really good thing to talk about what we're all thankful for. This is my list, in no particular order.


1. My wonderful Camero matchbox car :)

2. My friends and family. They're so supportive of me. They deal with me in my "I love the world and everyone in it!" moods, my "I hate the world, leave me alone" moods, and my neutral moods where getting a few words out of me is a battle.

3. Dancing. Nothing makes me feel more loved than to be held in that special someone's arms just moving with whatever music there is. Who cares if we're horrible!

4. Food. Not everyone has enough food or is lucky enough to be in the presence/related to excellent cooks. I feel fortunate about what I have here at home.

5. Health.

6. Stringed Instruments/General Musical Instruments/Music. There's always something to express. What better way than to belt out a few notes or strum so hard that your strings snap in two or your lungs hurt.

7. Words. I have no other way where I can express myself as effectively (you may have noticed this from my videos. That's why there are so many jump-cuts and edits).

8. School Counselors/teachers. I feel like everyone takes them for granted, but really, they are our greatest resource. Especially in high school when we're supposed to be preparing for our futures, wherever they may take us.

9. Photography and Movies/Videos. The source of a majority of my entertainment.

10. Imagination. Without this, I would be nowhere.

11. Curiosity. The yearning to know something bigger than yourself and to explore new things and places. I hope to indulge this a little bit more as I get older and more experienced.

12. Bravery/guts. The courage to grit your teeth and get past those hurdles, whatever they may be.

13. My followers. Without you guys, I would be here talking to myself (again). Thanks for giving me an audience and encouragement, even if you just stop by briefly. Just the fact that you decided to check in here means a lot. Thank you.

14. Stop-motion films. You know, like a select few Tim Burton films and ones like this:


This is just for fun, but all of it is completely true.

Now, I'm off to get something warm on and then crawl into bed where I can warm up and sleep until sometime before ten, because then I have to get up and go play Mario Kart and/or Age of Empires III all day long (Aw man! (You sense the sarcasm, yes?)).

Sleep well and sweet dreams!


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