Saturday, November 13, 2010

"...The Horror.... the horror..."

This morning, I woke up in sheer terror...

I got out of bed and I saw...

Freaking snow! And tons of it!

I went out into the living room of my house, where my mom was. She pointed out the window and showed me...

It was snow heavy enough to knock down this branch in our front yard-- it had snapped clean off of the tree that is rotted between two and five feet away!
I went outside in my rain boots (snow boots are overrated... I'll wear warm socks...) and shook snow off of this tree. It's young, so that would really suck if the branches just broke off.

Maybe this will give you the idea of how much snow there really is, because I don't have any measurements for you again.

It's not too cold out. I was able to go outside in a sweater, thin flannel pants, and no socks in my rain boots.

So far this morning, I moved that stupid branch off of what is really the sidewalk (even though you can't see the poor thing any more), retrieved the shovel from the garage (after digging it out behind a wheel-barrow, a box of wood scraps, and some kind of saw-horse device), and relieved that little tree of a great burden.

Welcome to winter, everyone.



  1. Two words: snow robots.
    Two more words: blanket fort.
    But wait, there's more: hot chocolate.
    Fuzzy pajamas.
    Winter rulez!!!!

  2. How fun! It was sunny and in the low 70's here in Southern California :)

  3. Music4Betty, I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am!

    Ezra, your words make me incredibly happy :D I feel a little bit better about these winter shenanigans!


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