Monday, November 15, 2010

In Which There Are Violins...

Hello everyone!

I'm actually going to post today! I posted so many thing on... Saturday or Sunday (I forget which day exactly) that I didn't want to post anything else for a little bit.

I come to you bearing news!

Piece of news Number 1!
I have "discovered" a string quartet that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I'll post a few videos below:

Piece of News Number 2!
I took my second driver's test today and now I'm allowed to drive around by myself! Hurray! It's about time...

I had a bit of a challenge going on with a guy that's one year older than me. He also did not have his drivers license. I had made it my mission to get my license before him. I failed the first time, and I panicked because he was taking his second test in a few days. He came back and reported that he did not pass. So now I brought my piece of news and he was so bitter about it afterwards...

Piece of News Number 3!
Oh my goodness, Harry Potter comes out pretty soon! I AM SO EXCITED (you know, just in case you couldn't tell...). I have my ticket for the movie (I'm going on Saturday) with a friend and we're hopefully going to dress up. I'm trying to be Hedwig, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off. My last resort is that I'll dress up as Fred Weasley. You know, preserve his memory...

Piece of News Number 4!
I don't think I'll post another 'Confessions of a NaNoNite' thing for a while. I mean, it must get boring to be reading those when I'm not making a lot of progress, right? I'm hopefully going to be getting together with Ezra and we'll make a box-blanket castle, drink hot chocolate, and of course get a crap-ton of writing done. It's my understanding that we're both so behind that it's not even funny... pictures will be taken, words will be written, and so much hot chocolate will be consumed... it's going to be great!

That's all I have to tell you today...

Oh! Also, just because I won't be posting about NaNoWriMo doesn't mean that I'll be posting at all over time. I'm about half-way done with 'Obedience,' so you can expect some kind of review in the near future.

You may or may not have noticed a couple new tabs at the top of the page. One includes some tidbits of information about this blog and about me and the other is a challenge for myself in 2011 where I'm going to try to read 50 books throughout 2011. If you're interested, they'll be here for a while.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love that string quartet! I play violin, so I'm always happy when modern songs are re-made using a string quartet :)


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