Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Confessions of a NaNoNite: Day 8 and 9

*Warning: the following post may contain teenage drama. Please bear with me.*
How are you feeling today?
  • Earlier today, I would have told you that I was going to explode, but now, things seem to be peachy-keen, thank you very much.
Why didn't you make a separate post yesterday?
  • I tried to, I really did. I had internet failure (does that sound like a disease to anyone else?). I tried several different Wi-Fi networks, but for some reason, internet was over-rated last night.
What's with the picture?
  • There was a college fair at my school today. Of course there weren't any posters that said any of those things, but it certainly felt like that. They were all from around my state, which I wasn't terribly excited about. I want to get out in the world, but it looks like I'm going to be staying closer to home for one reason or another... there is good news though. I found a really cool college that I will definitely apply to once I have a portfolio together and when it gets closer to next year.
What stood in your way the past two day?
  • Mostly homework. I got done with it at a decent hour, but once I was done, all of the creative energy had just sort of seeped out. All I wanted to do was read (which worked to your advantage, because there's another book review that you can check out (below) if you so desire. Today, it was just the lack of time. I've had to do all of my writing tonight.
How did you overcome those things?
  • I made sure that I at least wrote some things on notebook paper. That way, I didn't feel like I wasn't doing anything.
What is most frustrating right now (in NaNoWriMo)?
  • I had an answer for this originally, but now I can't remember what that was... Oh yes! I'll have these ideas and movie-like images in my head that I really want to add into my story, but for some reason, I'm incapable of putting them into words. It's the strangest thing. That's the part that sucks about being a writer-- when you're at a loss for words.
What are you going to do tomorrow that you didn't do today?
  • I'm going to try and make up for the last two days. I'm still a couple thousand words behind and because I know about what's coming up this week, my biggest fear is that I'm going to get even more behind than I already am.
Do you have a word count update for us?
  • Certainly... 23.64%. Not too bad, but definitely not where I'm supposed to be at this point in the game.
There might have to be another dual Confessions post because I have a class that I need to go to tomorrow night. Either way, hopefully I shall have another post tomorrow!

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  1. Don't feel down Jude, going to college in state won't be totally horrible. I've lived in MN all my life and I go to college at the U of M. It's pretty good, and it's cheaper. :)

  2. Thanks, Bo :)
    You make me feel better about things.
    The one I found out about today actually looks like fun and I'm definitely going to apply next year (Go CVA!)

  3. Plus, I talked about it with my parents and they are cool with it now that they know that I'll still get a little math and science, since that's a requirement.

  4. I for one will be happy if u stay in MN :)
    just cuz i would miss u a lot if u left :(


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