Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Confessions of a NaNoNite: Day 2

We'll just do a basic check-up. How are you feeling about this today?
  • I've been brought back to reality. This is still fun, but harder than I thought that it was yesterday.
What's keeping you going?
  • Hot chocolate and Pandora.
What stood in your way today?
  • A lot of people were gone from school today because of various field trips and it was also voting day, so teachers mostly gave us busy work that we had to get done by the end of the hour. Writing was mostly out of the question until tonight.
  • What everyone else will think about this. I think I've finally come to terms with this though. What I'm writing is hard to write about, so I know that it'll probably be a little difficult to read about. But really, I'm writing this for me. Not everyone else. Writing this has been liberating, because I can never find the right words to talk about it.
How do you plan to make up the ground that you've lost (when and if that happens)?
  • Like I said yesterday, hopefully I'll at least go over my quota a little more every day and then I'll at least have enough words saved up where a day off or a longer break is realistic for me to do while still keeping on track for my ultimate word count goal.
What was frustrating today?
  • Writer's block made an appearance today. Not for a long time though, which is nice.
  • Not finding enough time to write during the day.
What are you looking forward to?
  • The weekend, which starts on Thursday this week! I'll spending time with Jack and my dad, which is very exciting! Plus, I'll have four entire days to write, so there's a chance that I'll be able to get ahead, just in case.
Did you meet your word quota for today?
  • I most certainly did! I'm at 6.8% so far. That's 2,040 words out of 30,000!


  1. You go girl!!!!!!!
    (i always take advantage of an opportunity to say that XD)
    i wish i could say ive been as productive as you :/

  2. Ezra, you make me smile :D
    Today was harder than yesterday, but everything is good.
    Have you started yet? How's Maria Svetlana Carrion?

  3. shes not so good :/
    shes feeling extremely depressed... but dont worry, it gets worse, then it gets way better :)


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