Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blog Hopping (5) and Follow-Friday (3)

Hello followers (new and old) and passerby!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to leave comments on anything. If you leave the address to your own blog, I will try my best to come and visit you in return! Have an excellent weekend!

Here's the Blog Hop from

Book Blogger Hop

This week's question is:

What very popular and hyped book in the blogosphere did you NOT enjoy and how did you feel about posting your review?

I can't think of any books that I have seen talked about on other blogs that I did not enjoy myself. Honestly, if a book receives bad reviews, I'm going to be reluctant to pick it up, so I only take a look at the ones with sparkling reviews and I can usually see why they got as high of a rating as they did.

I have posted negative reviews, however. It feels like I'm stabbing someone in the chest. I'm telling them why I don't like them, only to put a band-aid on them of the things that shone through with goodness. It's like kicking your best friend with the worst intentions and then turning around and say, "But I still love you."

Most of the books that I end up not liking are assigned reading from my English class. Huck Fin was so hard to get through... I still haven't finished it, and it's been about a year... there will be a review in the future (when and if I finish it).

Here's the Follow-Friday from Parajunkee!

This week's question is:

What do you do besides reading/reviewing as a hobby?

On top of blogging and reading/reviewing, I'm also trying to take up guitar again. I suck at it, but I can play a few chords and attempt simple songs. I also like to draw, write, take photos, sing to show-tunes, and play piano. How about you?


P.S. I'm working on a couple reviews of older books that I've read in the past. Once they're done, I'll put them all here.


  1. aw that's pretty cool I like to write also and you'll get better at it :) and I followed you

  2. Hopping through. New follower! I'd love to learn guitar. I like playing piano too.
    My Hop

  3. Following through Follow friday! Return the favor?

  4. Dropping by from follow friday.
    Now a follower.
    I think it would be cool to learn the guitar.

  5. One of my forever life long goals is to learn how to play the guitar... I'm only 22 but I'm pretty sure it's never going to actually happen, haha.

    In The Next Room

  6. Hi! I'm a new follower. I also am trying to learn guitar-I can play some songs (roughly). I like to think I'm playing well- but I know I'm not. haha
    Have a great weekend :)
    Caroline @ Bon Bons and Reveries

  7. Just stopping by through follow Friday. I use to play the guitar but haven't pick it up in forever.

    I am a new follower. Check outmy blog if you like at

    Happy reading :)

  8. Hi There!
    I'm your newest follower. I love the design of your blog! Drop by my blog if you get a chance!

  9. Hey! I'm your newest follower just stopping by for FF. Sounds like you're quite musical. I used to play the piano back in the day but that hobby kinda fell through the cracks after a while. Happy Friday!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads (Twitter)

  10. xbellamayx: Thanks for the follow! I will be over to visit you pretty soon!

    Alison: Thanks for stopping by! How long have you been playing piano?

    Moonlight Gleam: I will most definitely drop by for a visit!

    AngelicNytmare: It's really a lot of fun, even if you're not that great. Give it a try sometime! Thanks for becoming a follower!

    Zoë: Anything is possible. If you get your hands on a guitar somehow, maybe you know someone that could teach you a few basic chords?

    Caroline: Are you still having fun when you play though? Maybe you won't become the next international superstar, but if it's fun for you, it's totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by!

    Nic: Thanks for dropping by! I will most definitely come by your blog.

    Barb: Thank you very much! And I will stop by your blog as well. Have a good weekend!

    Carmel: Thanks for taking the time to stop by! How long did you end up playing the piano for? Happy Friday to you too!

  11. I love it! A question pertaining something other than books! Here's the
    short list of what I'm doing when I'm not reading:

    Cooking, gaming, gambling, drinking, smoking, golfing and sometimes even
    watching TV.

    I expound on all of the above at my blog. Follow me here -

    Howard Sherman

  12. I try to be kind even with the negative review. They have to expect that all books don't appeal to all audiences.

    Stopping by from the hop.......Happy Hopping.

    Stop by my blog to see my answer to what book I thought wasn't worth all the hype.

    silversolara AT gmail DOT com

  13. Elizabeth: I try to do the same thing. Unfortunately some of my reviews don't come out as balanced as I would have liked them to be...
    I will definitely stop by your blog today!

  14. Old follower hopping through!

    I just started playing classical guitar. It is, indeed, very hard.

  15. Music4Betty: I completely feel your pain. The guy who was teaching me told me that the guitar was laid out similarly to a piano, which would make it a little bit easier, but I still can't see how that's possible... I wish you luck with classical guitar!


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