Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I Did in 2010

  1. Hosted two French students on two different occasions.
  2. Auditioned for Wind Ensemble and got in
  3. Took my SAT and ACT
  4. Got my Driver’s License
  5. Turned seventeen years old
  6. Became a book blogger (I mean a recognized one)
  7. Became a more active video creator, unlike previous years
  8. Participated in NaNoWriMo
  9. Caught a mouse and got rid of it without killing it
  10. Learned how to catch and release crawdads
  11. Had a legitimate dance with Jack—no laughing at how bad we were
  12. Got lost and was able to figure out how to get back home
  13. Stuck with one instrument all year* (bass clarinet)
  14. Drove 150 miles over a weekend to and from Iowa
  15. Toughed it out and auditioned for Pop Singers again
  16. Built a successful snow fort with an actual snow roof
  17. Mastered not getting stuck in the snow (well, I think so)
  18. Biked as often as I could (to summer school, to school, to the lake, etc.)
  19. Learned how to go through a job interview (even though I haven’t been able to use this skill yet)
  20. Became more of a dance master than I thought I was (on Just Dance 2 for Wii J)
  21. Learned how to be a sound-tech
*Freshman year, I started out on clarinet, but later decided to learn the violin, then switched back to clarinet. Sophomore year, another bass clarinet was needed, so switched from regular clarinet to bass clarinet. Junior year, stable bass clarinet.

This list is going to lead up to something (being a list of resolutions), so this isn't just me sitting in front of my computer bragging to you.

What have you done this year? This question is harder than it sounds...


P.S. I'm messing around with the background. How do you like this one?

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