Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something Inside of Me...

I've had some things on my mind this week... not only all of the things that I have to do for school. That takes up an entire hemisphere of my brain, I'm almost certain. Besides that and your basic motor functions, I've had only two other things on my mind...
This guy, and this girl.

I'm not kidding. I'll give you a brief recap of how these two came about.

My mom is part of the company she works for's choir. She recently had a holiday concert (it was very wonderful. I found that I had goosebumps a lot of the time) that took place in a Presbyterian church. I had never been to this church before.

I've found that I like churches a lot as buildings. They just make me want to go exploring in them. They make me believe that they have dark secrets just waiting to be discovered or made up-- whichever comes first. But the church is only one part of this whole thing I have brewing in my sub-conscience. Before we even saw this church, I saw a red brick apartment building with odd Greek statues in front of it (I say odd because 1. they were most likely replicas made of plaster or something and 2. they were just in a location where one would not expect them to be).

Any way, there looked like there was a fire escape on the front of the building. In my mind's eye, I saw a girl-- this girl, above and below-- and a boy on the level below her. She was dangling her feet through the bars and he reached up and tickled her foot, because he was trying to be a nuisance for whatever reason he thought of. My inner eye jumped from that building to the church. This time, the church was abandoned, with only the organ, looking skeletal against the wall and completely alone. I imagined the boy there, sitting in front of the organ and idly pressing the keys, trying to practice but keep quiet at the same time. Then the girl shows up and puts her hands on his shoulders...

This has all been told so that I can lead up to the fact that I have a story brewing inside of me. It feels like it once was when I was writing an earlier story of mine called 'Murder by Rulers' (still currently being completely re-written).

These two people have been floating about my brain for several days. I was freaking out when I first thought of this because I didn't have any kind of paper with me. I had a pen and some blank flesh, but I don't think that that would have gone over very well with my parentals. After all of this time, they have stayed with me.

They deserve to be written.
To keep my ideas flowing and fresh, I started to draw them and this is what has come out. I apologize for the wrinkles and the darkness of the pictures. My scanner is a piece of crap. My camera is a lot more reliable for showing you these (that's kind of a big deal, considering that my camera is verging on crap itself. In this instance, it has pulled through for me).

Any way, I thought that I would share my excitement with you fine people.

I also wanted to leave a message for Ezra: this is going to be a good weekend!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yes it most certainly is :D
    and i cant wait to see how the story about these two people turns out


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