Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holy Snow, Batman!

This is what I hate about the midwest... I can look outside like this (though not literally):
...and this is what I see:
It's ridiculous! We have probably over a foot of snow and it's still. Coming. Down.

Urg... je n'aime pas...

One cool thing about days like today is that people seem a little bit friendlier. Maybe it's because we all have something to commiserate with or people are realizing that complaining will not change anything and it hasn't done anything to improve any situation in the past. That seems like a steep hope, but you never know...

Any way, lots of people are getting stuck in all of this snow and random strangers are pulling their own cars over to help push them out and/or dig them out. It's really cool to see and it really restores a little bit of my faith in humanity. It's just kind of sad that it only comes out in the crappiest of weather.

Any way, I just though that I would share this Winter Wonderland (or nightmare, depending on your perspective) with those that don't have a lot of snow (if any) where they live. If you live in the midwest, stay warm! To everyone out there reading this, have a great weekend!

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  1. This. Weather. Is. Ridiculous!
    and it ruined our plans!!! >.<

  2. I know!!!
    This would be totally cool if it hadn't ruined all of our plans...
    Lots of stuff got cancelled today. My friend had behind-the-wheel today, I had a Christmas party, my group and I were supposed to film for our French Soap Opera tomorrow (we're probably not going to tomorrow).
    Hope you guys are staying warm!

  3. i had to cancel a performance that i was susposed to be doing tomorrow because of the snow :/


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