Sunday, December 5, 2010

How Would One Go About This?

Hi everyone!

I have another question for you smart people out there.

I was thinking about interviewing an author and then putting the interview on this blog. The problem is, I don't really know how to go about this. How do you approach the author about this? How do you present the idea? If you have done an author interview, do you think you could take a little bit of time to help me out by leaving a comment and telling me what you do? I would really appreciate it!




  1. Jude,

    The first time I did this, I was really nervous too. But then I remembered, I'm a writer and if/when I get published, I'd love to do interviews. It'd be exciting. I was pretty sure that since I felt that way, others probably would too. So remember that first and foremost.

    Now, I' went about getting an author interview by reading a novel I really liked and going on the author's website to see if they were open to doing interviews. Most of the websites or blogs will say how to get a hold of the author. Then just send them an email and ask. Introduce yourself and your blog, tell them why you want to interview them (I really loved your novel because...) and ask if they'd be willing to do an interview. Nine times out of ten, the authors will answer back and will be just as friendly and gracious as ever. I usually link to my review of their novel so they can see that I am serious about blogging and am really enthused about their novel. That's just something that I do personally.

    Hope this helps and if you have any other questions you want answered, feel free to email me at

  2. That is very, very helpful. Thank you very much, ajmitchell!

  3. Hi Jude!

    I completely agree with the above comment. I was absolutely petrified to write authors and ask if they wanted to be on the blog for an interview or guest post, I worried they might just flat out ignore me or think my blog wasn't worth their time. Luckily, if you just ask politely and professionally, most authors are thrilled to answer your questions.

    My main piece of advice when coming up with questions would be to go through their site, do some research - a lot of times they'll post interviews they've done elsewhere and it's good to go and read those so you're not asking them the same questions they've answered a bunch of times already. And have fun with it, you've got a great blog here, so I'm sure you won't have any problems with interviews. Hope that helps!

  4. I love doing author interviews on my blog. You'll find most writers are perfectly happy to contribute (especially if you like their book and are willing to write something nice about it). You generally ask them if they want to write something or whether they'd prefer you to write some questions. They normally opt for the latter. If you need to think up questions, check out a few sites:

    Or here:
    (it's me!) I thought they asked some good questions.
    Another good "trick" is to see if the author will give a free give-away (as in the last post) - it attracts people.


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