Saturday, December 18, 2010

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister: A School Project

Last year in my English class, we had these projects that we had to do. We had to pick a book by an America author, read it, take notes, then find the major plot points (Rising Action, Climax, etc.). I picked 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister' by Gregory Maguire and I came up with this project:

WARNING: If you haven't read this and you don't want the story to be spoiled for you, I suggest you stop right here, because there will be spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Title Page with the glass slipper on it because this book was everyone's favorite Cinderella story re-written.

When Margarethe, Iris, and Ruth move to Haarlem

Rising Action:
Upper Left: Meeting (or attempting to meet) Clara
Upper Right: Caspar and Iris beginning to fall for each other
Lower Middle: Clara Declaring that she is Cinderella

After meeting the Prince, the house where everyone is gathered catches on fire. The fire is spread because the painting of Clara and the tulips is first to burn.

Falling Action:
Clara rushes home so that Margarethe doesn't find out that she left the house in the first place. When she is found out, however, Margarethe stand in front of the kitchen door criticizing Clara while Clara vows never to leave the kitchen again.

Upper Left: Ruth is the one that started the fire
Lower Left: Margarethe is the one that killed Clara's mother
Right: Iris and Caspar are married

And, you know, since they're in Holland, I had to add a windmill. But there is a scene involving a windmill, if I remember correctly...

Thanks for looking and reading! I hope you liked them!

I'll have to post the pictures I made for my Government/Econ Project. I got full credit, and even though I'm not satisfied with how the actual story came out, I'm happy with how the pictures turned out. Both of these projects were procrastinated on! Hurray!



  1. Lucky you. We had to write it. Minimum 15 pages, And the choices were between Dostoevsky, Tolstoi and Pushkin. I did find a way around though. Turned out Poushkin had a number of literary skeletons;)

  2. Ooh I love loop-holes!
    We had to write a little bit for this project as well (they're on the back of the pages) but no where near as much as you had to do! That's craziness...


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