Monday, December 20, 2010

Things You Can Do Once You're Seventeen

That's right, I made a list. Why would I do this? Because I was curious what I could do, now that I'm seventeen.
1. Buy video games that are rated 'M' for mature

This is rather exciting, even though I don't play video games :)

2. Buy dry ice

I heard this while eavesdropping at the State Fair, so who knows if it's true. If it is, what would I do with dry ice? We already have fourteen inches of snow here!

3. File for legal emancipation

No thanks. I don't have a job, I don't have a car, so filing for emancipation would just leave me in one of the worst positions possible. I'll just stay at home with my parents and little sister for another year (or however long it is until I go to college)

4. Get married in some states

Thanks, but no thanks. If early emancipation freaks me out now, marriage will only do a better job of it. I'm not ready to settle down and get married yet.

5. Watch R-rated movies

This I will definitely take advantage of!

6. Curfew laws don't apply to me in some states

I don't go out much, and if I do, it's no later than 10 PM unless it's New Years.

7. Can be tried as an adult in court

I don't plan on using this at all.

8. Work full-time without my parent's consent

I can't even get a part-time job. Besides, I have to go to school. What were these law makers thinking?

9. Buy spray paint

Okay, I'm not one of those hooligans that goes out and spray paints gang symbols everywhere, but this does sound rather exciting.

10. Join the Marines

Absolutely not.

11. Become an organ donor

What does the 'Organ donor' thing on my driver's license mean then? Wasn't I already an organ donor? Or does that mean that if my friend needs a lung or a kidney that I can donate mine (given that we have the same blood type and everything)?

12. I'm going to add my own now:
Scare the crap out of my parents because they think they're getting old now

All because I got a year older :)

Any who, thank you for dropping by today. Have a good week! Now, I'm off to go celebrate my Date of Birth in one way or another...

Thanks for reading!



  1. LOL, nice list. I most definitely take advantage of #5 a lot. :)
    Happy birthday!

  2. haha nice! Happy Birthday! and *high five* for being able to buy DRY ICE!! xD

  3. Let's have a dry ice and spray paint party!!!
    Im so getting you to take me to r rated movies!!!!!!!!!
    Happy birthday! I know I said that already, but this just means your birthday will be two times as happy!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! It's funny i'm a 15 year old American in Russia and i can do most things on the list. Never thought of buying dry ice though. Maybe i should move...

  5. Caroline: I know I'm definitely going to take advantage of #5 as well. There are so many good-looking movies out there and most of them are rated R!

    Audrey: I know, right? I'm super psyched about the dry ice! I wonder where I could get some....

    Ezra: Oh my god, that would be freaking amazing. Let's do it!
    Can we spray-paint the dry ice?

    Orhedea: No kidding? I need to go to Russia... it's on my list of places to go.


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